interview with one of the artists of the of 5/17/21 performance

“Lately, wind players have only been sighted here and there on the calendar, and have mostly performed all on their lonesome. That makes the finale to the Rocky River Chamber Music Society’s 62nd season an extra special occasion for anyone with a fondness for music of the lungs.”
Rocky River Chamber Music Society: five winds & a pianist (May 12) by Jarrett Hoffman for
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“Elegance and engaging musicality were a constant from both players. There was never a dull moment,…”
Saxophonist Steven Banks in Rocky River (Feb. 15) by Jarrett Hoffman for
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“Character was just one aspect of playing that stood out as they navigated Mozart’s cheer, his sternness, and his hushed contentedness…”
RRCMS:“Nothing But Mozart” (Dec. 7) by Jarrett Hoffman for
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