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First Concert of 65th (2023-2024) Season

Founded during Oberlin Conservatory’s Advanced Quartet Seminar program in Fall 2022, the Poiesis Quartet is comprised of violinists Sarah Ma and Max Ball, cellist Drew Dansby, and violist Jasper de Boor. They are the 2023 Grand Prize winner of the Fischoff National Chamber Music Competition, and also received Fischoff’s Senior Strings Gold Medal and the Lift Every Voice prizes.

In January 2023, the Quartet completed an international tour in Uruguay with artistic residencies in Punta del Diablo and Punta del Este’s premiere concert series, “Conciertos del Este”. Performances included the world premiere of Alejandro Melo’s composition “Elegy” which was dedicated to the Quartet. Additionally, Poiesis is grateful to have performed in masterclasses and worked with Sandy Yamamoto of the Miró Quartet, Philip Setzer of the Emerson Quartet, Jinjoo Cho, and Matt Albert. The Poiesis Quartet is primarily coached by Sibbi Bernhardsson of the Pacifica Quartet and is mentored by the Verona Quartet and Kirsten Docter of the Cavani Quartet.

Click Here to Watch the Concert on YouTube (The link will go live at 7:15pm, and the concert will begin at 7:30pm.)

At this point in time, all pews in West Shore Church will be used and the decision to wear a mask will be a personal one. There will be both a live audience, and live streaming for those at home. Donations are always welcome. For further information email us at info@rrcms.org, or follow RRCMS on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.